Looking for a place to Train in Georgetown

We love to host traveling friends at BYB Fitness TX!

Drop In FAQs

What's Your Drop-In Policy?

We love nothing more than having visitors from other boxes come do fitness with us!
If you are just passing through, here are your options to attend:

  • Drop-in fee of $20 per day
Can I do my own thing during class?

Yes! BYB Fitness TX actually has 3 gyms, so if we are teaching in our main gym, there are two options for your to train! How rad is that!?

I just relocated/looking for a new gym and I’d like to check you out prior to joining.

You’re not the only one, so welcome y’all!

Do you have any injuries?

We don’t take kindly to hurting anyone and want to make sure that safety is the number one gig here. What should we know about you to keep you safe?

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