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The fully inclusive remedy to life, health, and strength.
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Our flagship program is Coach Leeper’s BYB S&C (Strength & Conditioning), that has taken 18 years to develop & is still being tweaked regularly because nothing is perfect!

Coach describes it as;

“The fully inclusive remedy to the human conditions that we all struggle with; movement dysfunction (both positionally and dynamically), overstressed and underperforming plumbing (cardiac, nervous, muscular), BUT most importantly BYB S&C has prospected and claimed the last true frontier in the industry; the computer (brain) from believing and solidifying false truths of health, strength, & life.”

All that to say as far as the X’s & O’s of programming we use a ton of modalities & time proven systems of application from the greats in the game. Mentors of Coach Leeper’s, like Charles Poliquin, Eric Falstrault, Derek Woodske, Ryan Faehnle, & all of the GOATS in the iron game that have laid the groundwork for the last 120 years for us to be able to ultimately do what BYB is meant to do; serve this community we live and raise our families in the most Godly way we possible!